Adding text to the wiki: You must request to Join the wiki in order to add text to a page. In the left-hand column, you will see Join This Wiki. Once you join, sign in to the wiki. Click on the word Edit. Just add your text where appropriate, then click Save. Add your first name to your entry so we know where it came from!

Adding a photo to the wiki: You must request to Join the Wiki in order to add a photo to a page. Once you join, sign in to the wiki. Click on the word Edit. Now click on the square File icon. Click on the tab that says +Upload Files and navigate to where your photo is located on your computer, then click Open/Select. Once the photo shows up in the window, double click on it and it will be placed on the wiki page. Click and drag the photo to move it around on the page. When you are finished, Save the page!

Embedding on the wiki: As you progress through the 12 challenges, you will be asked to share some of your creations. You may need to embed a video, poster or Blabber. First, sign in to the wiki. Copy the embed code from the video, poster or Blabber. In the wiki, click on Edit and choose the Widget icon (it has the picture of a TV). Choose the appropriate category. If the correct one is not listed, then choose Other HTML. Paste the embed code and click Save.

Challenge #1 - Avatars

Debra's Avatar

Challenge #2 - Wordle

Debra K.
Debra's Wordle
Debra's 2nd Wordle

Challenge #3 - Picnik

Nothing for you to post here, but keep those photos handy for Challenge #7!

Challenge #4 - Watch Know Learn

Debra K. -
I was not able to download this because of blockage.

Challenge #5 - LiveBinder === Debra K.

Challenge #6 - Quizlet

Challenge #7 - Animoto

Challenge #8 - BigHuge Labs

Challenge #9 - Class Tools

Challenge #10 - Bladderize

Challenge #11 - Glogster

Challenge #12 - Wallwisher

Go to the 12 for 2012 Wallwisher board to post your response & to see what others have said.