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Challenge # 8

Create a motivational poster, magazine cover or trading card in Big Huge Labs. Once you have created your masterpiece, download an image to your computer. Then upload your image under the appropriate challenge on the 12 for 2012 Gallery page (make sure you include your name, so we know whose masterpiece we are looking at).

Creative juices not flowing? Try out the following sites for more motivational and classroom posters:
Fabelvision Learning Poster Gallery


Great Quotes About Learning & Change

Take a Risk

Classroom Connections

Generate Read Posters for the classroom, library or as contest giveaways

Motivational Posters

  • Use it for other uses such as vocabulary words...upload a picture that shows the meaning of the word, then make the large word the vocabulary word and the tagline under it can be a sentence showing the correct use of the word.
  • Upload a book cover a student has read, make the large word a word they choose to describe the book, then the tagline can be a sentence to describe why someone should read the book.
Trading Cards
  • Create a "baseball" type card for students in your room. They can put a title, subtitle, and description of themselves for a beginning of the year "Get to know you" activity.
  • Create a card for a character in a book. Have the student illustrate the character and write a description of the character for the trading card.
  • Students could also create a trading card on an assigned President or different geographical locations throughout the world (post them around your room so students can learn about various places like a virtual field trip).
  • Have students create a card for themselves using their avatar and post the cards next to student projects on parent’s nights. See if the parents can find their child’s work.
  • Have students create trading cards about their parents for parent’s night.
  • Create solar system cards using photos of planets, etc. from NASA to create cards. Have students list facts, but not the name of the object. Others have to guess what it is.