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*Don't have time to make your own flashcards? Then look and see if some have been made already that you can borrow.

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Challenge #6

Create a set of vocab cards. Link or embed you cards (or a game) under the appropriate challenge on the 12 for 2012 Gallery page.

Classroom Connection

The most obvious application is as a tool for studying vocabulary terms. However, you might have the students create the cards and challenge other classmates with their vocab list. This could also make a great bell activity - students could study and review the words with a partner or on their own.

There are a few words of caution that have been mentioned by other educators:
  • Facebook link - This doesn't go anywhere on the school computers, so it shouldn't be an issue.
  • Discussion - Students can get sidetracked with messaging each other through the discussion feature. However, a little discussion when introducing this application to the students and some classroom monitoring should alleviate the problem. You could also limit the time students are on this tool.
  • Groups - Anyone logged on to Quizlet can create a group. However, you could create a class group and have students join it from the beginning (another item for the intro lesson on this tool). This might alleviate the desire to create their own group.