While Watch Know Learn is a major index of educational videos, there are additional sites with great educational videos to enhance your curriculum. Here are my favorites:
PBS Learning Media - contains thousands of classroom-ready digital resources including videos, interactives, audios and photos as well as in-depth lesson plans
Khan Academy - over 2,000 videos covering math, science, history, finance and art history
One issue teachers usually run in to when they are using videos from the Internet is streaming them in the classroom. The videos work just fine at home, but when you come to school the trouble begins. Sometimes the video pauses frequently, takes a lengthy amount of time to buffer, never loads enough to play or is blocked by the school internet filter. The best solution to overcome these problems is downloading the video on to your computer. Here are a couple of methods for doing this:


Firefox Easy YouTube Video Downloader
Chrome Easy YouTube Video Downloader

Online Converter

Challenge #4

Find a video you could use in your classroom. Give the URL for the video on the discussion page. If you want a real challenge, read through the converter instructions and convert the video you found.

Classroom Connections

  • Explore the Directory to find videos you can use in class that correlate with the curriculum you are teaching in your classroom.
  • Use a video as a refresher for yourself or the students.
  • Have students watch certain videos and share their new knowledge.
  • Make a list of videos you can recommend for “extra help” on a topic. On your school web page, recommend them to parents for use at home to help their child.
  • Sign up for an account and embed some of your favorite educational videos on to WatchKnowLearn.