In the past, teachers have asked about blacking out faces of the occasional student whose parent does not want their child’s picture on the internet. Picnik will allow you to hide the identity of a student in a group photo with interesting stickers like sunglasses and smiley faces.
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Attention: Picnik is closing April 19th, 2012. You will not be able to use this software after the 19th unless you sign up for Google+. However, I've found another photo editing online software that is comparable to Picnik - PicMonkey. Like Picnik, this service is free and allows you to save your edited pics to your computer.


Challenge #3

Take 5-8 pictures and edit them with Picnik. Dress them up with stickers and text. Then save your photos to your computer. You may use personal or school related photos. You will use these photos again for Challenge #7.

Classroom Connections

  • Enhance creativity by allowing students to add their own touches to project or trip photos
  • Create fun photos for a digital storytelling project
  • Use your images to create a postcard
  • Create a collage

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