There are several avatar generator sites. Here are my top 3 faves:

WeeMee - my WeeMee avatar above was created with WeeWorld (students are not able to access this site at school), this has an app for the iPod (the app also works on the iPad, but it is not full screen)
Build Your Wild Self - create an avatar with animal ears, wings, a tail, an animal bottom and more
Voki - create a speaking avatar

Challenge #1

For your first challenge, you are going to create an avatar using either WeeWorld or Build Your Wild Side. Below are getting started guides for both sites. Once you have created your avatar, download an image to your computer and upload your avatar under the appropriate challenge on the 12 for 2012 Gallery page (make sure you include your name, so we know whose avatar we are looking at).


How to take a Screen Shot:
1. Hold down the command - Shift - 4 keys
2. A + sign will appear
3. Put the + sign in the upper left corner of the area you want to highlight for a screen shot
4. Cliick , hold & Drag your mouse over the area you want to highlight and then let go
5. Your screen shot will appear on your desktop

Classroom Connections

Profile Photos - Some of the online tools used by students ask them to include a profile photo. Rather than using a real image, have students create and upload their avatar. This can become a great class lesson on internet safety.

Biopoem Trading Cards - Have students create a trading card in Pages. The front side can have their avatar photo and the back would be the student's biopoem

Create Story Characters - Students could create avatar characters for a digital storytelling project

Book Characters - Create an avatar based on a character in a book or short story the students are reading. Then have them use that photo to create a Blabberize book summary or review.

Presentation - Add your avatar to the credit slide of your presentation

Spruce up a lesson with avatar images on your handouts

Ideas for Voki Avatars:
  • Students can share a poem they created
  • Introduce a lesson
  • Use as a welcome to your website and/or blog
  • For more ideas go Voki - Avatars in Education

*Here are some more Avatar options and classroom ideas & tips - Buhler Avatars