Reasons to Use a Glog
1. It allows students to create an online poster that they can share globally.
2. It is free and web-based
3. It uses no ink
4. It allows students to add images, videos, music, text and hyperlinks - What cardboard poster does that?
5. It easily incorporates student research and educational content
6. It addresses multiple learning styles
7. It can be accessed from any location with an internet connection

Get Started with this tutorial

Things to keep in mindYouTube - Just because you embed a YouTube video on a page doesn't mean your students can view it at school. They will receive the access denied message in place of the video. You can work around that issue by downloading the video to your computer first and then uploading it to your glog page.

Tips for using Glogster with Students
  • Have students plan out the content of their glog before they actually start creating. Think of this like writing a paper - brainstorm/plan, gather the resources needed and then create.
  • While Glogster is very easy to use, it does take some getting use to so introduce the program to your students with a basic project before having them creating a major project. For example, have them create a personal glog about themselves to share at the start of the term.
  • Remember to save often as any hiccups in the website, internet, etc. could result in a lost product and wasted time.
  • When it is time to submit their completed glog, have the students turn it in through a Google Form rather than individual emails. This will keep all the addresses in one place together and you won't have a full inbox.

Challenge #11

When we teach units in the classroom, we always access what the students have gained from the lessons. Now is your chance to shine! In this challenge, you will create a glog that showcases your work in challenges 1- 10. Embed samples of the products you’ve created. Use your text boxes to write about your experience going through these tools. Include what you had fun creating, your frustrations and how you worked through them and how you might use these tools in the classroom. Once you have created your glog, embed it under the appropriate challenge on the 12 for 2012 Gallery page (make sure you include your name, so we know whose glog we are looking at).

Classroom Connections

  • Getting to know you poster - create one about yourself and post it on your school website for parents and students OR have the students create one to introduce themselves at the start of the school year
  • Create a glog that depicts the novel they just read in class. (lesson plan sample)
  • Have each student create a glog to showcase their work for the quarter or the semester. Here is an example lesson for showcasing student poetry (lesson sample)
  • Explore the weather with a glog
  • Create a glog depicting the Civil Rights Movement
  • Create book reviews
  • Create a vocabulary glog over a particular book or for the year
  • Make your textbook or activity book interactive - click to view a sample
  • Create a country poster

Sample Glogs
Life or Meth?
Spanish 1 Vocab Reveiw
Country of Interest Glog Rubric - they created their rubric using Glogster
The Brain
FDR and the Depression Era
Isn't It Ironic - a glog on irony
For more examples go to Glogpedia - the best of glogs