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Challenge #10

Create a Blabber telling how technology has impacted your world. Once you have created your Blabber, embed it under the appropriate challenge on the 12 for 2012 Gallery page (make sure you include your name, so we know whose Blabber we are looking at).

Classroom Connection

  • Book Talk - tell about the book from a characters point of view
  • Record response to a class question at the end of a unit
  • Share facts about an animal, historical figure, etc.
  • Tell a short story in a foreign language
  • Summarize to topics covered for the week
  • Create a rap on a topic covered in class - photosynthesis, life cycle, etc.
  • Present a class project to the students
  • - Blabberize from a high school perspective
  • Create a verbal reflection on a project students completed

Photosynthesis Raps
Digital Storytelling
Teaching with Blabberize